Monday, October 22, 2012

Adult Ministry Principle 1: Start with the Individual

 There is so much to do at church, that the souls and spiritual maturity of adults seem to tragically get lost in our planning and busyness. 

Successful ministry to adults must begin with the people we are called to reach, teach, and guide. 

Below is the first of nine principles that should take place as you chart a course toward a successful ministry to adults.

Start with the individual
Organizational ideas and activities are limitless but the numbers of adults from which you typically draw for leadership is limited. Busyness and activity pull from the same “pool” of adults, so you need to avoid draining your "pool."

The goal is reaching and spiritually transforming adults, not succeeding in one program, activity, or organization. Keep things simple, balanced, and focused. How do you do that?
  • Clarify with your leaders the goal or vision of ministry to adults.
  • If you have adult leaders demanding that their ministry take priority, or if they expect everyone to be involved, then some clarification needs to be made about what is foundational, non-negotiable and what is negotiable in terms of priorities and involvement. 
  • Explain that every adult doesn't have to be involved in every ministry. The burden of volunteer staffing of ministries means you should especially avoid having a small number of adult leaders doing everything. Less is sometimes better because it provides focus and a clear direction.
  • Consider reading or reviewing the book, Simple Church, written by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger for additional ideas.
We are investing in adults' spiritual welfare and future. So what is a foundational, non-negotiable ministry that is central to this investment? The next blog on this subject will provide the answer.