Monday, November 5, 2012

Adult Ministry Principle 3: No Man is an Island

If you are going to build a practically solid and theologically sound ministry to adults then you must remember you can't do it alone. It is not about building you up, but about building up the body of Christ. Identify, enlist, and train key leaders to be on your adult ministry leadership team. Then guide them to accomplish the following:
  1.  Clarify and focus: Guide them to clarify and define, even further, the ministry to adults with you. This will involve some planning or a possible retreat. Look at the past history, the current realities of church and culture, and the possibilities for the future based on what God is doing around you. Then, build your ministry plan together. Meet or communicate regularly.
  2. Keep your group small: Small is relative, based on church size, but I suggest that you keep the group size below seven. If you are in a large situation, depend on your leaders to build their own teams of leaders. Your key leaders should be from your hub or core ministry, the small group or Sunday School. Other leaders might include someone for men's or women's ministry, young adult ministry, and so forth.
  3. Hold each other accountable. That means each person, including yourself, will need to set some goals and actions for which to be held accountable.
  4. Empower your leaders: Be careful not to micro-manage. Your goal is to multiply your ministry through others. This involves allowing for other to succeed and to fail gracefully. Trust is key. 
If you don't invest in adult ministry leaders, they will divest in you, thus creating a climate of competition and confusion, not collaboration and coherency. It is not about competition but collaboration so the the body can become strong.