Monday, December 3, 2012

Adult Ministry Principle 7: Open the Doors of Ministry

Ministry involvement should be intentional and expected.

Adult Ministry Principle 6 ended with a challenge to involve adults in service.  Let's look a little closer at this principle.

Most churches do a good job of emphasizing and even chastising followers to make a commitment to serve. Where we fail is in  helping members to find a place of ministry, to become involved, to become empowered, and to become equipped to serve.  Here are some things to consider:
  • Can a new member or even a well-seasoned member become involved in service through the church easily? Can they really? 
  • Evaluate how you invite members to become involved in service. 
  • Develop a plan that begins with helping every new member understand the opportunities, the expectations, and the process for serving.  
  • Continue the process with an ongoing system that challenges adults to make commitments to and become equipped for service.