Monday, December 17, 2012

Adult Ministry Principle 9: You Have to Pray AND Plan

First, you need to keep yourself spiritually strong and focused through Bible study and prayer. This is vital. You can't have an effective ministry without an effective prayer life.

Second, you should surround yourself with a leadership team that consists of key adult ministry leaders.  I mentioned this earlier in Adult Ministry Principle 3: No Man Is an Island. You should help your leadership team learn how to do the following with you:
  • Strategic planning to develop a framework for ministry. 
  • Annual and regular planning to add substance to the framework and to evaluate. 
  • Identifying and enlisting leaders.  
  • Training leaders.
This process will take more work and might not be as safe as staying in the harbor, but remember, a ship that sits in the harbor never reaches its destination. Get out of the harbor with your adult ministry team, raise the sail, catch some wind, and guide your group to the destination God has laid out for your church.

This is the last of the Adult Ministry Principles for now. If you have additional principles please feel free to comment on the subject.