Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Uncharted and Unknown Sea

A friend of mine, Roger Olsen of Arkeo, a company dedicated to providing online discipleship, emailed this to me and several others last week. It is an email devotional by A.W. Tozer that is provided daily, entitled Tozer on Christian Leadership 

As you venture forth into the uncharted and unknown sea of 2013, I pray this will encourage you as much as it encouraged me.
Personal Life: Thus Saith the Lord
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.—Psalm 119:105 
Every new year is an uncharted and unknown sea. No ship has ever sailed this way before. The wisest of earth's sons and daughters cannot tell us what we may encounter on this journey. Familiarity with the past may afford us a general idea of what we may expect, but just where the rocks lie hidden beneath the surface or when that "tempestuous wind called Euroclydon" may sweep down upon us suddenly, no one can say with certainty.... 
Now more than at any other time in generations, the believer is in a position to go on the offensive. The world is lost on a wide sea, and Christians alone know the way to the desired haven. While things were going well, the world scorned them with their Bible and hymns, but now the world needs them desperately, and it needs that despised Bible, too. For in the Bible, and there only, is found the chart to tell us where we are going on this rough and unknown ocean. 
The day when Christians should meekly apologize is over—they can get the world's attention not by trying to please, but by boldly declaring the truth of divine revelation. They can make themselves heard not by compromise, but by taking the affirmative and sturdily declaring, "Thus saith the Lord." This World: Playground or
Battleground? pp. 9-10

"Lord, guide me carefully on this uncharted sea of a new year as I daily seek You in Your word. Then use me mightily as Your servant this year as I boldly proclaim Your word in leading others. Amen."
------ End Tozer Devotional ------- 
Yes, I had to look up “Euroclydon” in Tozer’s text above.  It’s the wind of hurricane force, called a “Northeaster” that struck the ship in which Paul was wrecked on the coast of Malta in Acts 27:14. 
Yes, Paul had his “Eyroclydon," landing on Malta for a season.  But God, in His timing, took Paul on to Rome for His purposes and His glory.
     -- Roger Olsen