Tuesday, January 22, 2013

7 Steps to Teaching With Authority

Jesus taught with authority and the people were . . .

because, unlike the scribes (the Bible study teachers of His day), He taught as one having authority (see Mark 1:22).

His teaching was like none seen before. When He taught, even the unclean spirits obeyed Him (see Mark 1:27).

His teaching was beyond the normal. What about yours? What does it take to teach with authority?

  1. Humility. Teaching is not a right but a privilege given to you by Jesus.
  2. Accountability. As Jesus was accountable to the Father, so you are accountable to the Father and His church.
  3. Expectancy. If you don't expect God to change lives through the teaching of His Word you probably shouldn't be teaching. Do you expect people to be changed?
  4. Discipline. You are teaching the greatest book ever written to people who are in great need. You can't approach your Bible study preparation casually or irresponsibly. Set aside time to study and let God teach you.
  5. Dependence. You can't teach without Christ's Spirit working in you. You need Him! Without Him your teaching is just a filler of space and time.
  6. Obedience. When God speaks, you need to obey. When is the last time your Bible study preparation time led you to your knees to confess a sin or to submit to His will?
  7. Confidence. Finally, we can teach with confidence, knowing that Christ gave us His authority to teach! (see Matthew 28:18-20).