Thursday, January 24, 2013

Need Preschool Ministry Resources?

    Looking for some materials to help you develop a dynamic preschool ministry, sharpen the skills of your leaders, and even reach out to parents of preschoolers? Well, look no further! Ember to Blaze Ministries has numerous materials available to help you! You could begin by using The Fingerprints Training CD to help you and your co-workers understand the characteristics and needs of preschoolers. A DVD is available to train volunteers who will be working in the preschool on a rotating basis. The Puzzle Pieces Training CD contains six sessions on techniques for managing the preschool classroom and engaging the children. Each session includes a reproducible student copy and teacher copy and PowerPoint presentation. The Cycle of Faith CD contains parenting training that can be taught in one or more sessions. Uses could include a baby dedication class and a special training event. The Jesus Loves You gospel presentation for young children is designed as a small coloring book that can be used in the classroom, in the home, or in a counseling situation.
    These are just some samples of the resources available. Click on this 412 Network link to see more and to link to the website where you can purchase resources if you choose.