Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teaching Everyday? Are you Kidding?

"Every day, He (Jesus) was teaching in the temple complex"

Every day?! You can't be serious. Jesus taught every day? Oh, I know what you are saying to yourself: "This was Jesus; I'm just a teacher of a Bible study group." But, here is the challenge for you and for me. We need to view our role as being bigger than a one-hour, once per week task to complete. Teaching the Bible involves so much more, or at least it should. I challenge you this week to evaluate your role. Ask yourself the following questions and make adjustments accordingly:
  • Do you view your teaching as a once per week event or as a way of life?
  • If you view it as a way of life, how are you "teaching" during the week?
  • Do you teach by the way you communicate to your group during the week?
  • Do you teach by how you live in front of your group and others during the week?
  • Does your group know you outside of that one-hour experience you lead? Do you know them?
  • Do you teach by how you encourage your group to remain in the Word during the week?
  • Do you teach by inviting members to join you in ministering and reaching out to others?
  • Does your life teach your group that you believe what you teach?
We know that, in this passage, Jesus was teaching in the temple in the days leading up to the Passover and His eventual death on the cross. His mission was very focused and He knew that much had to be said and taught before He left this place.

May we feel the same urgency as we look over the faces of those we are teaching. We aren't here very long and we surely don't have as much time to help those in our groups as we would like. Since this is the case, embrace your role as a teacher every day of the week! Ask God to teach you how to be a teacher everyday!