Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Teaching Without Proclaiming the Good News?

One day as He was teaching the people in the temple complex and proclaiming the good news . . .
Luke 20:1, HCSB

What is the difference between teaching the people and proclaiming the Good News? Can we teach the Bible and miss the Good News? I am afraid we can. You see, the Scriptures should move us closer to the Good News that was ushered in when Jesus came to fulfill the coming of a promised Messiah and the payment, once for all, for our sins. The Good News brings new life, it brings freedom in Christ, it brings healing to the soul, it brings peace beyond measure, it brings us face-to-face with the reality of our sin, the costly sacrifice for that sin, and the wonderful gift offered to us through the payment of our sins through Jesus Christ.
  • Do you focus on the historical and cultural context of the Scripture when teaching? I hope so.
  • Do you emphasize the life application principles contained in a passage when you teach? I hope so.
  • Do you help your group understand the theological concepts in a passage as you teach? Surely, you do.
  • But, do you also proclaim the Good News of salvation when you teach? I surely hope so. For if you don't, you have only taught a great history lesson, given an excellent theological discourse, or provided a motivational self-help seminar to your listeners.
Don't miss the Good News when you are teaching; for it is the reason Jesus came! Check out these additional Good News verses: