Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dave Hampson Helps Churches Connect Ministry to Technology

     Dave Hampson has served the Lord on church staff for over 25 years as youth pastor, small groups pastor, missions pastor, associate pastor, and as a senior pastor. His pastoral experience in small and large churches brings a unique combination to Arkeo, his online learning ministry. He is excited about the ministry potential of online learning and partnering with churches in developing their own Online Discipleship and Training Ministries.
    Dave understands the work load, the heart, the desires, the joys and the struggles of being a pastor. He knows the joy of seeing people walk out the Good News of Jesus in their daily lives. He also knows the frustration of seeing people consistently attend church and not connect the Word they are hearing, with their work and home.  The information he has to offer has to do with helping people connect their lives to what you are preaching and teaching in your ministry.  In a seminar, workshop or preaching setting, he can share insights on using blended online learning in a manner which will enable the preaching, teaching and training in your church to be more effective in the lives of your congregation.  With the rise of the internet, tablets and smart phones, people are learning information in new ways.  He can help your church connect your discipleship and training ministries to this new technology so you can impact your people wherever they are and whenever they are ready. Go to the 412 Network to learn more about Dave and his ministry.