Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meet Author and Speaker, Pam Gibbs

     Pam Gibbs has had a passion for writing and editing since she created her first book at the age of five. This love for words has served her well. She is the author of five books, including Girl Talk: The Power of Your WordsJames: Faith Under Pressure; Esther: The Role of a LifetimeDesigned by God;  and most recently, Every Life is Beautiful: The October Baby Bible Study. She is also the co-author of Complete: A Life of Purity, and a contributing author to Path of Purity: A Family Guide.
    Her ability to craft words is not limited to books. She is a popular speaker who has stood before audiences all across the country. Her off-beat humor and honesty, combined with her authentic approach to sharing truth, have enabled her to reach a wide demographic of people, crossing age and gender barriers, economic standing, and religious heritage. 
   Feel free to contact Pam to learn more about her ministry and her books,  and to find how she might meet the needs of your church or group.