Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sharon Smith: Church Growth Help is on the Way!

     Sharon Smith has been involved for over 30 years as an independent Church growth consultant and specializes in advising churches who are seeking to utilize the multiple Sunday School- Worship approaches. She enjoys working with churches as a consultant to develop strategic church growth plans.  In addition, as a certified trainer of Transformational Church projects, she is the Coordinator for the Maryland/Delaware Baptist Convention for a Transformational Church pilot project.
   In the past, Sharon has served three churches as Minister of Education. She also served at LifeWay for 15 years, first as field consultant and then as part of LifeWay’s Network Specialists. Then, she became a contract specialist with LifeWay and has been the Coordinator for the Minister of Education Projects for LifeWay’s strategic cities emphasis in several states.
    If your church could benefit from a trainer/consultant to help with your education or church growth needs, you will be interested to know that Sharon is one of the best! Click here to view her profile and to learn how you can contact her for more information.