Wednesday, April 10, 2013

JEC Helps Others Reach Their God-Given Potential

Jerry Essary's goal as a Christian coach is to help others reach their God-given potential. Jerry started Jerry Essary Coaching to develop, coordinate, and deliver quality coaching and coach training for ministers, church and denominational leaders. His desire is to see purposeful movement with clear direction in the lives and work of those he coaches. Through JEC Coaching and Coach Approach Ministries, Jerry coaches and mentors hundreds of church, denominational, and business leaders.
     Jerry has 38 years experience serving as Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, Church Planter, Director of Missions and denominational leader. Besides his experience, Jerry has numerous certifications and affiliations to add to his list of credentials. He has been involved in coaching business leaders and church and denominational leaders (individually and in teams) as they work through change, transition, and transformation. He has helped congregations and nonprofit organizations restructure, develop leadership training, and birth new ministries and congregations.
  He would love to help you as a minister/church leader to determine the right directions, set goals, and take the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Click here to learn more about this ministry and how you can contact Jerry.