Thursday, May 2, 2013

Calhoun Baptist Association Makes it Easy for Their Churches to Find Training

    The primary goals of Calhoun Baptist Association of Alabama are to help local churches meet particular needs and to cooperate as a group of churches to achieve goals involving missions, training church leaders, and influencing government to make decisions that are Christian based. The CBA supports a variety of ministries  and missions projects locally and throughout the state of Alabama, the U.S., and abroad. The CBA is dedicated to assisting local Southern Baptist churches in starting new ministries and equipping people for a specific ministry.
    This association has found an easy and effective way to help achieve their goals of supporting their 29 churches; the organization has become an affiliate of the 4:12 network. Now, church leaders can go to their 4:12 network page and find trainers who are recommended and approved. Click to check out the CBA profile and see more about how they are supporting local church ministry in their area.