Monday, May 6, 2013

Taking Your Church to the Next Level

Guest Blog, By Seth Polk

Recently there has been a renewed and healthy discussion among many church leaders regarding the need for church revitalization. In reality, every church should be in a constant state of revitalization. To revitalize something is to give it new life, or vitality. As living organisms, churches are either growing or dying; there is no middle ground.

How can a church grow steadily and reach the next level of ministry? Understand, there is a “next level” for every church, regardless of the size, location, or culture of the church. The next level may not always be easy to measure in a tangible form, in terms of bodies, budgets, and buildings. Yet it can be measured in terms of overall kingdom impact. I want to suggest several keys in taking your church to the level.
  • See the opportunities God has given you, and not just the obstacles. The obstacles will readily present themselves, but the opportunities often are not as evident. Making the most of your opportunities can energize your church to overcome the obstacles it is facing.
  • Look beyond the walls of the church building, and see the mission field that God has placed you in. Churches that are myopic in focus, are typically also dying. When a church is passionate about the Great Commission, energy and resources to get the work done will typically follow that passion.
  • Persevere in the work of God. Our calling is referred to as “the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12) because it is work. Nothing comes easy. We are engaged in a spiritual battle for the souls of men. The greatest kingdom impact is made by churches who are faithful over the long term.

What is the next level of ministry God is calling your church to?

Seth Polk currently serves as the Lead Pastor at Cross Lanes Baptist Church, Cross Lanes, West Virginia. You can see Seth’s full profile and contact information on the 4:12 Network.