Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teachers Roadmap to Great Application

All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness.

I posted a blog several months ago entitled All Scripture is. It challenged you to consider whether you truly believe that all Scripture is profitable. I want to revisit this passage and show you how you can use this passage to determine the kinds of application you should plan for when teaching the Bible.
  • Teaching - Instructs us on what to do. Look for ways the Bible study passages instruct the group on what they should do.  All Scripture can address what we should do from "what must I do to be saved" to "what must I do to live for Him."
  • Rebuking - Shows us what we are doing wrong. As you study and prepare to teach a Bible study, ask God to give you wisdom and insight into your group's lifestyles. We should know our group well-enough so that we can teach a Scripture even if it rebukes some lifestyle. For example, I taught a study from 1 Timothy a few weeks ago. There were passages related to the use of alcohol which had to be addressed. We can't avoid the tough issues or sugar coat them. Rebuke is a part of teaching. We must teach the Word and allow God's Spirit the freedom to use His Word to rebuke our learners when necessary.
  • Correcting - Directs us on how to stop doing wrong. I am so glad the Scriptures don't just tell us where we are wrong. God provides a path of grace and forgiveness. We should always look for this path when we are dealing with passages that carry the message of rebuking.
  • Instruction in Righteousness - Helps us avoid doing wrong again. The Scriptures not only help us correct behavior but provide direction on how to live a righteous life. When we teach, we should look for those instructions in righteousness and share those with our group. 
So here is your road-map for application. Look for any or all of these elements when preparing to teach. I know you will find them. I pray you will use these elements to become a better teacher of the greatest Book ever given to man.