Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Challenges of Church Building Construction

Locating a trustworthy firm to guide a church as they plan to build is a challenge. There are multiple directions a church can go. They can choose to get plans drawn by an architect, and then contract out the building. They can contract with a local firm or even utilize a builder from within the church. The design-build method is another approach. This one has always been appealing to me because a company walks you through the entire process. 

Keep in mind, building a building is a major undertaking. Whatever is built can’t be easily changed. You have to live with what sits on your church property. Exploring options is vital. The 4:12 Network provides a quick, easy way for you to begin the search process:
  • Click: Go to 4:12 Network Search (free, quick, anonymous)
  • Ministry Focus: Scroll down to Support and choose Architecture & Construction.
  • Denomination: Select if needed.
  • State: Select if needed.
  • Do your research: Once you find someone you think is a good fit for your church, do some research utilizing information found on individual profiles.
You can narrow your search even further using the other choices available to you. Try if for yourself. If you can ‘t immediately find who you need, expand your search using additional criteria. Use 4:12 Network as your trusted source for finding the help your church and leaders need. We are growing every month so keep checking back.

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