Monday, May 13, 2013

The Value of Demographics for the Church

I want to introduce to you, Randy Tompkins and his unique and affordable demographic service for churches. Randy has helped numerous churches during his years in the ministry. He provides a great service I think you will be interested in using if you are a pastor or minister of education.

John: Tell me how you see demographics helping the church?
Randy: It is important for church leaders to understand the people that comprise the ministry area of the church.  Understanding where different segments of people reside, what they like to read, watch, or do will help the church leaders to be able to craft ministry opportunities to reach the people in the ministry area.  

John: How can a church use demographics?
Randy: Seeing the age, racial, economic, residence breakdown of the study area will also give valuable information to church leaders. The information will allow for a comparison between the ministry area and the church membership.  The old adage is still a true one: people like to connect with people who are like them.

John: What kind of demographics can your ministry provide?
Randy: Cornerstone Consultants Ministries, LLC will provide detailed information for any selected area.  The information is based on the 2010 census and is provided by ScanUS and Experian.  There are six different ways to select a study area: Zip code (one or several joined together), city limit, county limit, radius from a specific point, turn by turn, or church membership locations.

John: How will a church receive the information?
Randy: The information will be presented in a PowerPoint format containing up to 70 slides.  The entire PowerPoint can be shown in total, or selected slides can be lifted out of the presentation and shown in an abbreviated presentation.  Individual slides can be printed in various publications, i.e. newsletters, bulletins, Sunday School material, or committee agendas.

John: What is the cost for your service?
Randy: Cost is $50 per study.  A ten year history for a specific church can be done in a PowerPoint format for an additional cost of $20 per request.

Randy Tompkins is the founder of Cornerstone Consultants Ministries, LLC. Find out more about his demographic service.