Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tim Songster: Designer/Builder Working Exclusively with Churches

    Tim Songster felt a call to ministry while serving in the USAF as a Test Pilot. He later realized his call was to use his trade of engineering and his knowledge and heart for partnering with churches to be a part of Great Commission work! Tim now serves as President/Owner of Cosco & Associates, Inc. Tim has VAST knowledge in all aspects of church building programs.  He analyzes existing property, helps to optimize the use of facilities, and sees the church through with their vision of creating facilities that wrap around the ministry of their church!  His reserach of generational demographics, coupled with his knowledge from experience and his passion for ministry make him an invaluable resource for engaging in a church building program with eyes wide open!
   Is your church considering a building program? Click here to learn more about Tim,  Cosco & Associates, and how they can help!