Monday, June 3, 2013

Three Measures of a Successful Teaching Ministry

Whether your church strategy is designed around small groups or Sunday School, what results should you look for? How do you know groups are accomplishing what they were intended and designed to do? Consider these three areas of measurement:

Are people being added to your group(s)?
Are members so excited about what God has done in their lives that they are bringing others to Bible study? Are you encouraging people to invite others to attend? Do you provide an environment that is inviting to people who attend? Is your church adding new groups to accommodate those who attend?

Are relationships being transformed?
  • Relationship with Christ
  • Are lost group attendees responding to Christ's gospel invitation as they encounter God's Word and experience authentic, Christlike relationships? Are believers' growth in fellowship and intimacy with Jesus Christ evident? Is your group growing more consistent in their daily Bible study, prayer, worship, witnessing, and faithfulness to your church?
  • Relationship with Believers
  • Do the relationships among believers reflect growth in Christ? Are they willing to minister to and pray for other group members and the church? Is a sense of unity evident among believers?
  • Relationship with the Unsaved
  • Does your group demonstrate compassion for the unsaved? Are they showing growth in how they respond to people in need? 

On Mission Attitude?  
Do members live as if they are on mission? Do they respond to mission opportunities that are presented to them through your group(s) or the church? Are they bringing missional ideas and sharing missional stories with the group?