Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where Two or Three are Gathered . . . Conflict is Probable

Doubtless, many of you have seen the insurance commercial featuring Mayhem. The commercial encourages people to be ready when Mayhem shows up, because he is everywhere. We all know that conflict shows up when people are gathered, so we should not be surprised, but equipped to deal with it in a Godly way. Many times conflict erupts into an ugly battle of wills between factions in the church. This can lead to the destruction of a church's reputation, derailing young believers' spiritual maturity, and causing the church to split. Conflict's ugly residue can remain for years. That is why, when churches come to an impasse due to conflict, it is important that they seek out help.  Searching the 4:12 Network is a good place to begin the search for help.
  • Click: Go to 4:12 Network Search (free, quick, anonymous)
  • Ministry Focus: Scroll down to Pastoral Leadership and choose Church Conflict Resolution.
  • Denomination: Select if needed.
  • State: Select if needed.
  • Do your research: Once you find someone you think is a good fit for your church, do some research utilizing information found on individual profiles.
You can narrow your search even further using the other choices available to you. Try if for yourself. If you can‘t immediately find who you need, expand your search using additional criteria. Use 4:12 Network as your trusted source for finding the help your church and leaders need. We are growing every month, so keep checking back.

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