Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finding Professors Who are Practitioners

I remember my first days in seminary. I was amazed at the knowledge of my professors. They all possessed unique skills that they brought into the classroom. But there was something special about the professors who could speak from their ministry experiences. In my mind, that portrayed the difference between theory and fact. Their experience brought context to the knowledge they imparted.

Over the years I have used many of those professors in my churches – to train Sunday School leaders, to preach, to lead conferences, and to provide other types of expertise. You can find leaders like these men and women on the 4:12 Network. You can even find information about their schools' degree programs and how these might help you sharpen your ministry skills.
  • Click: Go to 4:12 Network Search (free, quick, anonymous)
  • Ministry Focus: Scroll down to Academic Christian Education and choose the appropriate category. 
  • Organization: Review our affiliate organizations for appropriate schools.
  • Denomination: Select if needed.
  • State: Select if needed.
  • Do your research: Once you find someone you think is a good fit for your church, do some research utilizing information found on individual profiles.
You can narrow your search even further using the other choices available to you. Try it for yourself. If you can‘t immediately find who you need, expand your search using additional criteria. Use 4:12 Network as your trusted source for finding the help your church and leaders need. We are growing every month, so keep checking back.

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