Thursday, October 17, 2013

If Nothing Changes - Nothing Changes

This sounds like a very obvious, even silly statement, but it is interesting how this plays out in our church life. As I have worked with churches over the years this is what I have observed:
  • When a church is declining, everyone agrees some type of change should take place.
  • When we see the lost in our community, everyone agrees we should change.
  • When people's needs aren't being met, everyone agrees something should change.
  • When a church is too busy, we hope something will change.
  • When Bible study groups are full, we all (might) agree something should change.
  • When worship services are full, we all (might) agree something should change.
However, all too often, we aren't willing to change in order to change. 
So why can we agree and then not willingly sacrifice some inconvenience of time, routine, or resources? It is because we know that change will affect us. But what about them -- The ones we are called to reach? Can we look beyond our preferences and look out over our cities to see that, unless we change, nothing will change? I am trying, what about you?

The following resources were recommended to me, and they might help you consider the importance of change: