Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can You Duplicate Yourself?

And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 
2 Timothy 2:2, HCSB

I did not become a teacher without someone else’s help. Neither did you. Someone, somewhere, or perhaps several individuals committed to investing in you all they had learned about faith and teaching so that you would “be able to teach others also”.  Here is the picture – One teacher giving to another so that he/she might be able to teach others. At the end of the day the process should be repeating itself over and over again.

How about your group? Have you identified and begun investing in someone who is able to teach others? Here are some thoughts on how you could begin and continue your investment:
  1. Identify and begin discipling someone toward becoming a teacher.
  2. Enlist them to officially help you. Possibly call him/her a co-teacher, assistant, or an apprentice. Please don't call them substitutes!
  3. Model good teaching they can duplicate. If the teaching style you model is too difficult, others won’t consider teaching. If your teaching is something only you are  capable of presenting, then others won’t feel they could even learn how to teach.
  4. Show them how you prepare.
  5. Share the shepherding responsibilities. Take them with you when you are ministering to someone. Help them to know how to lead others in the group to care for one another.
  6. Help them understand how to guide a group. This includes any organizational structure you have in place.
  7. Let them lead.  Ask them to teach, not just when you are absent, but when you are in attendance as well.
  8. Swap out rolls. When you are teaching, let them lead with the ministry/shepherding roll. When they are teaching, you could take on the shepherding roll.
  9. Most of all, model a lifestyle and a group environment that is worthy to emulate.
If your church is struggling to find teachers for Bible study groups, perhaps it is because you haven’t made a strong, intentional effort to duplicate yourself in others who might be able to teach others.

Lord, I pray that we will measure success, not only by group size or group satisfaction, but by how we have duplicated ourselves in those who are faithful and capable of teaching others.