Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Activities for Families

Here are 11 Thanksgiving Activities you can use to build great memories with your children.

Make sure the Thanksgiving activities are age appropriate so your young children will understand and can participate.
  1. Put together a “Thanksgiving Basket”  for a friend or relative. In the basket you can include food, homemade cookies, and a special homemade card made by the children.
  2. Ask each family member to bring a special item to the table that represents what they are thankful for. Allow everyone to share what they are thankful for.
  3. Take the children to the library and check out a book about the history of the first Thanksgiving.
  4. Invite someone else to celebrate Thanksgiving with you. This could be a college student, someone who is lonely, or someone with no family in the area.
  5. While the food is cooking gather the family and friends together and have a  “Worship Time” include singing, Scripture reading, and a Bible story. 
  6. Select some Thanksgiving verses (let the older children look up in a concordance the scripture). Write the scripture and reference on a card and place the cards at each plate. Let each person read their verse and share what they are thankful for.
  7. Encourage everyone to share “I am thankful for you  because ...”. Another activity could be that each make a card sharing “I am thankful for you because...” to each person eating Thanksgiving with the family. 
  8. Parents spend quality time with each child during this week and share why they are thankful for them.
  9. Make a card shaped like a heart and write on it “I am thankful for you and love you!”. Encourage everyone to do something special without the other person knowing and put the card so that they can see it. For example: making someone's bed, helping with a chore, or leaving a piece of candy or gum. Once they receive the heart, they have to do something nice for someone else. Keep the heart moving around the house.
  10. On strips of paper during the week of Thanksgiving encourage everyone to write out what they are thankful for and put in a jar. Before the meal read out the strips of paper, read scripture, and pray.
  11. While the meal is being prepared play praise and worship music. 
These Thanksgiving Activities are simple yet will build memories for years to come. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving!

Ginger Owens, Minister of Childhood Education, First Baptist, Panama City FL and 4:12 Network Member