Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kids Salvation Conversations

If you were a kid again, what kind of questions might you ask someone about faith in Christ? Kids ministry leaders and parents are blessed to, not only interact with children, but be given the privilege of guiding kids salvation conversations. But because children are at such an impressionable age we need to guide those conversations with wisdom and discernment. Here are some suggestions to help:
  • It is very important that you pray before you meet with the child.
  • Be aware of the questions the child is asking and the parents' concerns. 
  • Talk with a child individually and in a quiet atmosphere. 
  • Provide materials for children to use to write, draw, or interact (see image). 
  • Do not counsel using yes or no answers, and be very aware of what the child is saying.
  • It is important to follow up with each child and support the parents in discipleship. 

Here are a few resources you can use or provide to other leaders who work with children:
Kids have some very interesting conversations with leaders, but the most important conversations are kids' salvation conversations. Remember you are a tool that the Holy Spirit is able to use to guide these conversations.

Provided by Ginger Owens, Minister of Childhood Education, First Baptist, Panama City FL and 4:12 Network Member.