Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Church HR Audit

These are words you don't usually here together - Church HR Audit. Yet these three words are very important in the current climate in which we live.

There are countless local, state and federal regulations governing how a ministry must operate. To maintain legal compliance and avoid penalties, you need confident knowledge of these regulations and how they impact your organization.

The beginning point in gaining this knowledge is to conduct a church HR audit.

Your ministry’s specific HR needs will dictate the next steps. There are 8 key areas of HR to consider:
  • Recruitment–Job descriptions, application, posting, interview guides, evaluation forms, offer letter
  • Training and Development–New hire on-boarding, employee development
  • Benefits and Compensation–Pay structure, time tracking, medical benefits
  • Communications–All staff meetings, employee handbook, newsletters
  • Employee Relations–Manager training/coaching, discipline process, culture, retention
  • Record keeping–Employee files, reporting
  • Health, Safety, and Security
  • Legal Compliance–State and federal laws
Bert Ross HR is a member of the 4:12 Network. His ministry provides your ministry team with an independent assessment of your current HR functions and practices. An HR audit can identify difficult areas before they are costly or embarrassing to the ministry.

If you want to see where your church might be at-risk, take the free HR Compliance Audit.