Monday, June 9, 2014

Bible Study Group Leaders Support

If you are like me, you are constantly looking for ideas that will offer your Bible study group leaders support and encouragement. There are FREE tools you might want to consider using that are provided by the 4:12 Network.
  1. Teacher Devotionals. There are 60 plus devotionals published on the 4:12 blog. You can forward these to your teachers in a personal email from you or add the label link (see example) to your leadership blog so your teachers can find it each week.  We are continually adding new devotionals as well, so teachers could also sign up for the blog posts to be emailed to them.
  2. Explore the Bible Teacher Helps. I provide teacher helps for my church each week for the Explore the Bible curriculum by LifeWay Christian Resources. Several churches have asked if they could share these helps with their teachers as a  supplement and support for their teachers as they prepare to teach. These are available most Thursdays for you to share with your group. Feel free to share these in the way that works best for you.
  3. Training. The 4:12 Network's primary purpose is to help church leaders find a person or resource that can help them equip their leaders through training, retreats, or other venues. Be sure to use the 4:12 Network search capabilities to look for that just-right person or resource that could help your leaders.
Using these can help you show support and provide ongoing communication as you lead your teachers toward the the leadership excellence you desire for them to achieve.  If you have questions regarding how to use any of these tools please feel free to contact me.

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President, 4:12 Network