Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Discipleship Barriers

Many times we fail to see opportunity, because we aren’t looking out over the barriers that have been created in our church culture. Removing discipleship barriers helps us facilitate the discipleship process and expands our opportunities to see individuals become maturing followers of Christ.

People today seem to have to drive further to their work places, at which they are expected to stay longer. Add to this the demands of school activities and other obligations, and it seems that the priority of discipleship has taken a back seat in the lives of many believers. These challenges become obvious when churches try to continue to design discipleship studies and processes that focus on one location and time for meetings. But the fact is, there are other options. One option is designing your own discipleship strategy and process that includes an online element. This is one of many ways you can take discipleship beyond the walls of your church. You can search for this and other discipleship ideas on the 4:12 Network.
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  2. Ministry Focus: Scroll down to Discipleship and choose Online Discipling Tools, Discipleship Ministry, or other discipleship options.
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  5. Do your research: Once you find someone you think is a good fit to help your church, do some research utilizing information found on individual profiles.
You can narrow your search even further using the other choices available to you. Try if for yourself. If you can‘t find who you need immediately, expand your search using additional criteria. Use 4:12 Network as your trusted source for finding the help your church and leaders need. We are growing every month, so keep checking back.

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