Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why is Training Important?

I can think of many ways to answer the question, “Why is training important?”  People do not tend to train themselves, so it is important that the leader has a plan for developing his or her followers.  Here are three reasons why training is important to both the leader and those he or she leads:
  1. Training is a tangible sign of support.  Ongoing training is a way to demonstrate that you, the leader, care for your people.  Training says that you want the best for your people, and that you believe in them and their ability to grow and adapt into the types of leaders valued by your organization.
  2. Training reduces turnover.  When leaders are equipped to carry out the tasks they are assigned, they feel positive about their contributions to the organization.  A feeling of competency and success encourages leaders to continue in their roles, reducing turnover and the expense and time required to train new leaders.
  3. Training creates excellence.  I have defined excellence as “an attention to the details.”  As leaders receive ongoing training, they focus more and more on the finer details of their work, having mastered the core competencies earlier in their growth cycle as leaders.  Excellence and training go hand-in-hand; you would be hard-pressed to show me any organization that does not have ongoing training but claims it has excellent products or services.
Training is needed today in churches more than ever before. It may very well be the critical difference between churches that succeed in engaging the culture, and those who merely survive for the moment.

If you struggle trying to find trainers near you or who can meet your church's training needs, the 4:12 Network provides a completely free and anonymous way for you to find out about trainers who might be available in your area. 

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By Ken Braddy4:12 Network Member, trainer, and blogger.