Thursday, July 10, 2014

Explore the Bible: Hope of New Life

There are probably adults in your Bible study group who struggle to make sense of the mess they have made of their lives. They may feel that there is little hope of future change for the better. They might have even sought different solutions in life to help restore their hope and sense of purpose, but to no avail.  Our Explore the Bible study this week provides the message of hope of new life and restoration as found in Christ! God gave Ezekiel a picture of new life that only He can offer as He shows Ezekiel the valley of dry bones and gives Ezekiel the message of hope and restoration for Israel that was eventually fulfilled through Christ.

Our study this week provides a great opportunity to help adults celebrate new life in Christ and to challenge adults to consider receiving new life through Christ. Prayerfully study these passages, asking God to help you communicate clearly and compassionately the message of restoration offered through Christ, which God begins to unveil during Ezekiel's time.

Caution: Dry Bones Discussion
Avoid getting off track by proposing different opinions of the bones concerning why they are there and in which battle they died. Stick with what the Bible clearly proclaims in Ezekiel 37:11—the bones represented the house of Israel and demonstrated that hope had disappeared as their nation had fallen. It emphasized the lack of hope the people had at the time of Ezekiel. (ETB Leader Commentary)

Caution: A Lot of Information
This study involves a lot of information and cross references. Be careful not to get bogged down and miss the message of hope found in these passages. Try to be engaging, even though the study lends itself to using primarily the lecture method of teaching.

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