Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Explore the Bible: Rescued to Freedom (July 6)

We live in a time where the definition of freedom is misunderstood. In order to understand freedom and fully appreciate it we also must understand what freedom isn’t, what it means to not have freedom, and how freedom is the result of being rescued. That is the focus of this week's Explore the Bible study: Rescued to Freedom.

I would recommend you do some research on people’s views of freedom. I have provided some videos that might help, but these are very mild views compared to some that you will find when you search the internet.
Since freedom was not the primary focus of the biblical text, I have tweaked the outline to help build a bridge between the biblical focus of "rescue" and how it leads to freedom. As you study the Scriptures keep this perspective in mind. Below is an overview of the tweaked TARGET and LOOK IN outline to try and better reflect the progression of the text while remaining focused on the theme of freedom in Christ.

I have provided a LOOK OUT activity that ties to the video clip, "Freedom in Christ." This could be a great way for your group to express the freedom they have found in Christ and even share it visually with others.

TARGET: To help adults define freedom in Christ and to determine if they are living as one who has been rescued.

  • Freedom is Influenced by Leadership (Ezekiel 34:1-6)
  • God's Rescue and Freedom Plan (Ezekiel 34:11-16)
  • God's New Freedom (Ezekiel 24:22-24)
ITS ALSO TIME FOR A HISTORY LESSON! I have provided a lot of historical background information in order to help you and your group to remain focused on the historical context of the passages. I recommend that you take a "time out" to review the historical context in order to remind the group of the experiences the people of Judah were going through.

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