Thursday, August 14, 2014

Explore the Bible: Never Give Up On Prayer

I am changing my blog post format slightly. This blog post will provide you with video and other resource ideas. You can link directly to this page to show your videos to your group. You will still be able to download the complete teaching plan if you want to use it to supplement your plan. This week's Explore the Bible: Never Give Up on Prayer study provides you with a great opportunity to have some great dialogue regarding a consistent disciplined prayer life. I pray that God will use it to challenge your group to become "Daniels" in their prayer life.

Teaching Plan Adjustment Suggestions
Passages: Daniel 6:1-28
TARGET: To help adults understand the importance of a consistent, disciplined prayer life.
  • Daniel 6:1-5. A consistent, disciplined prayer life helps us retain our integrity when we are faced with challenges to our faith.
  • Daniel 6:6-10. A consistent, disciplined prayer life enables us to not give in when faith and culture are in direct conflict with one another.
  • Daniel 6:11-18. A consistent, discipline prayer life enable us not to give up during dangerous and life-threatening circumstances.
  • Daniel 6:19-28. When we don't give up on a consistent, disciplined prayer life, God will be glorified.

Video Suggestions

Consider using as a LOOK UP activity.

Consider using with Daniel 6:6-10

Consider using this video as a follow-up discussion with the previous video.
Click to View:  Don't Cave In.

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