Thursday, August 28, 2014

LifeWay Explore the Bible: Be Ready for Tribulation

“I heard but did not understand," uttered Daniel in Daniel 12:8. If Daniel heard the prophesies and still did not understand, it behooves us to not think that we can understand everything about the end times today. Yet, as the clock ticks closer to the time of our Lord's second return, we know we have to continue to pray, learn more about God's victorious plan, and live our faith persistently, even when we face persecutions and tribulations. That is the message of the LifeWay Explore the Bible: Be Ready for Tribulation study this week.
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As you study please be aware that, no theological subject generates more discussion and disagreement than eschatology—the study of the end time.
Most Christian adults understand—at least intellectually—that the threat of tribulation for their faith is as real in today’s world as it ever was. However, many may not want to imagine that tribulation for Christians will worsen. They may have heard about the end-time “great tribulation” described in the Bible; yet, they may also have encountered different interpretations about it. Their uncertainty about end-time questions may contribute to their being unprepared for any tribulation they may face. God wants His people to trust in Him and His sovereignty over evil and to know that He will use any tribulation they face to help them grow in faith. (ETB Leader Commentary)
Survival Kit Display Ideas for LOOK UP
I have included activity and video options you may want to consider using. I have designed the study around the concept of putting together a "spiritual survival kit" and what we need to include in that kit in order to persevere to the end. I begin by discussing what we might want to include in a survival kit when preparing for a catastrophic event or disaster.

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