Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sharing the Gospel: 10 Ways to Involve Your Group

If you were to poll any adult Sunday School or other Bible study group regarding their belief in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), most would say that they believe that this was the mission of the church.  But the evangelistic fervor of many Bible study groups seems to have waned over the past years.  So, how do we create an evangelistic environment which provides opportunities for the lost to be saved and encourages the saved to share the gospel?
  1. Ask each member to make a list of lost friends, relatives, and co-workers to begin praying for and building relationship with.
  2. Pray each week as a group for lost people and provide times for groups to share about their witnessing opportunities.
  3. Regularly offer an opportunity for people to respond to accepting Christ at the end of a session.
  4. Identify specific evangelistic opportunities outlined in your group's curriculum or current study.
  5. Encourage your group to invite lost friends when those specific evangelistic opportunities are possible.
  6. Plan a fellowship following or during your regularly scheduled group study so members can spend time getting to know guests who attend.
  7. Equip your group to personally share their faith. If your study guides have a plan of salvation inside the front cover, point that out to your group and challenge them to learn how to use the plan.
  8. Make sure someone follows up with every guest immediately via a phone call, card, text, or email.
  9. Visit guests and others who need to hear the gospel. Take someone with you from the group when you visit.
  10. Keep guests visible on your attendance roll so your group won't forget them.
Check out some of the following resources that might help:
You could also search the 4:12 Network for a trainer 
who could help your church develop your leaders.