Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunday School & Small Group Priorities

There are 3,776 verses in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. In 2,014 of those verses, Jesus is reaching, teaching, and/or ministering to people. This pattern should pierce our hearts with the need to communicate the purpose of Sunday School-- small groups prioritizing in reaching, teaching, and ministering to people.

Allan Taylor, in his new training resource, Forward From Here! Urgent Priorities for Today's Sunday School and Small Groups communicates 10 priorities that will help groups focus back on the basics of The Great Commission and Great Commandment - reach, teach, and minister.

The Priority of . . .

  • URGENCY - Embracing Ministry with Purpose and Passion.
  • LEADERSHIP - The Leaders' Role and Responsibilities Defined.
  • RECRUITMENT - Four methods to Avoid and Four methods to Employ.
  • ENLISTMENT - Five Steps for Developing a Strong Team.
  • TRAINING - Pursue learning, Growing and Serving with Urgency.
  • TEACHING - Essentials for Getting Bible Truths into Everyday Life.
  • FELLOWSHIP - Ten Steps to an Authentic Community of Friendships and Relationships.
  • MINISTRY - Staying Connected through Caring, Sharing, and Prayer.
  • EVANGELISM - How to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.
  • EXPANSION - Why, When, and How to Start new Groups.
Using this resource for a one time training event, a retreat, or for ongoing training would be a great way to help your Bible study groups focus on the priorities of reaching, teaching, and ministering to people.
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