Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bible Study Curriculum: Non-Disposable Curriculum

Wait! Don't throw that study guide away. You can add it to your library of Bible study books for reference later. This is the concept behind the Bible study curriculum that is non-disposable from Auxano Press.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ken Hemphill, Auxano Press has developed curriculum that, once studied, serves as a reference resource for group members to add to their Bible study library.
While these materials could be used for special studies, they could also be used for a base curriculum as described in my previous blog post, Using a Base (Core) Bible Study Curriculum. The non-disposable curriculum is specifically for use with small groups and is designed so that the pastor/educator may select materials that will suit the unique needs of the church including:
  • Old Testament Studies
  • New Testament Studies
  • Growing in Faith (Doctrine)
  • Living the Word (Practical Topical Studies)
What else is unique about these studies?
  • The teaching helps are provided for free online.
  • Books are also available in e-format.
  • The studies are non-dated.
  • It is in a 12-13 week format.
  • Content is written by well-known communicators.

Don't forget, you can always search for Bible study group trainers and additional resources on the 4:12 Network