Thursday, October 9, 2014

LifeWay Explore the Bible: Don't Walk Away

What would you say is a sign of maturity in a believer's life? I think it is endurance. I have watched so many professing believers during my years in ministry walk away from what once was a vibrant faith. External pressures and internal battles are always present. There won't be a time on this side of Heaven where we will not encounter them. Endurance is the key. That is the focus of this week's study, Don't Walk Away.

  • I have provided a Powerpoint slide of the photo in this blog post. Feel free to use it to introduce the study, if appropriate. Click here to download.
  • The subject of hope is discussed in the ETB material. I did not deal with this subject. While hope helps us endure, I felt that the subject of endurance and maturity should be the primary focus. 
  • Be prepared to discuss extensively the spiritual condition of people who seemingly walk away from their faith. I have included notes and activities to help with the discussion.
Keep in mind this summary from the ETB Leader Commentary as you study these passages:
Hebrews 6:1-8 presents a real warning for believers. Yet it should not be interpreted to mean that genuine Christians can lose their salvation. Keep in mind that Hebrews was addressed originally to a specific congregation in the first-century. It was written to exhort, encourage, and warn the members of the church to endure in the “race” of following Christ as Savior and Lord. At least some of the members gave evidence of wanting to drift back into their former beliefs and practices—that is, into Judaism. They seemed ready to abandon their confession of Christ, because that confession had led to their becoming targets of hostility and hardship.  
Salvation in Christ is a transformation from death to life, a transformation that the Spirit of God brings about in believers when they put their faith in Christ. The progress of new life is to grow in faith, producing the fruit of the Spirit and holding to one’s devotion to Jesus whatever comes.    
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