Thursday, October 16, 2014

LifeWay Explore the Bible: Only Jesus Saves - Always and Forever!

Only Jesus Saves - Always and Forever! This is a wonderful focus for the LifeWay Explore the Bible study this week. 

Realizing that we have discussed the role of the Old Testament high priest in previous sessions and established the fact that Jesus is our Great High Priest, I have tweaked the teaching plan (which I originally wrote for LifeWay) to avoid redundancy. I have provided a review to help you move toward a theme that I believe will help your group understand more fully the importance of Jesus as our Great High Priest.
That theme focuses on the significance of ALWAYS and FOREVER.

I have, however, provided more information for you to consider sharing about the references to Melchizadek.

I suggest you use one of the following videos as a part of your 
conclusion to emphasize this theme.

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