Thursday, November 6, 2014

LifeWay Explore the Bible: Faith Defined (Hebrews 11)

Faith, more than anything, is what God is looking for to characterize the lives of His people. This is the TARGET of this week's LifeWay Explore the Bible: Faith Defined study.

“Now Faith” is how the writer of Hebrews began chapter 11. He started out with a definition of faith before giving examples of faith. It is as if everything said in chapters 1-10 has built up to this point.
The readers’ faith had been challenged by circumstances, persecution, and alternate beliefs. After explaining the superiority of Christ over everything, it is as if he is saying to them:

“Now let me help you understand how vital it is for you to live your faith. 
Here is why faith is so important.”

I am using a simple index card as a tool to help adults reflect and define faith. Be sure to check this out in the teaching plan. I have also created what I believe to be some very challenging questions related to the biblical text.

Here are some additional learning tools I am using to help illustrate faith and to generate discussion:
  • Story of Nik Wallenda's recent high wire world record. Click to read story.
  • Faith Summary Video.

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