Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Explore the Bible: God Provides a Savior

The study this week is simple and straight-forward, yet very powerful. The good news that God provides a Savior should always cause us to respond as the shepherds did-- with awe, wonder, passion, sacrifice and obedience. In a very real way, they gave us an example of what it means to live out The Great Commission.

This is the direction I have taken with the study. My TARGET for the study focuses on the following:
The shepherds' response to the good news of Jesus Christ reminds and teaches us of how we should respond daily to the glory of God and the gift of His salvation.
 There are a couple of video links that are suggested but certainly aren't required in order to teach the study. Here is one example I feel you might enjoy using as you open your group discussion:

You can check out the other video when you download the teaching helps.

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