Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Explore the Bible: Be Faithful in Adversity

This weeks Explore the Bible: Be Faithful in Adversity study states that a leader must have the heart of a warrior, the mind of a scholar, the eyes of an eagle, and the hide of a crocodile. It goes on to state that a Christian leader adds another quality to the list: the faith of a prophet. The characteristics are what helped Nehemiah be faithful in adversity as he continued to rebuild the walls, the community, and the hearts of the people of God.  I have provided several resource to help you communicate the truths of Nehemiah 6 this week:

Video: The following video could be used to discuss the personal attacks someone will face when following Christ. The teaching plan provides questions to help lead a discussion.

Word Pronunciations: There are a lot of challenging names in the passage this week. Click on the words below to hear the pronunciations:

Posters for Group Discussion: The teaching plan includes three posters you can use to introduce the session. The posters include the following statements: People who pretend to be your friends but really aren't; People who try to intimidate you; People who publicly say things about you that aren't true.


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