Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Explore the Bible: Do Your Appointed Part (Nehemiah 7)

Many believers today feel as if they can’t be used by God for anything of significance. This simply is not true. We should learn from today’s study that everyone is important and has a part to play in Kingdom work. If God used a people who had been exiled for utter rebellion and had to continually be disciplined for drifting away, He can and will use you. He does require from us a desire to follow Him, live for Him, trust Him, and to obey Him. If you will focus your life on keeping your relationship in Christ strong and listen to Godly leaders, you can do your appointed part and experience the joy of knowing you have been part of something much greater than any one person.

The following video is one of many video options I have provided.

For those who have ever questioned whether a single failure, or even multiple failures, have disqualified them from God’s use—or whether one bad decision will hinder them from their destiny, I have a word for you: It’s not too late for God’s unlikely path to success. Trust Him; you just may be closer than you think. Tony Evans

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