Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Explore the Bible: God Inspires the Work (Nehemiah)

The book of Nehemiah is a story about a Godly man with a broken heart because the people of God had failed to restore their community. Through prayer, humility, and tact, God guided and used Nehemiah to change the people of God so their community could be transformed from a city of disgrace to a shining light of God’s grace. This is the focus I am taking as we study this week's Explore the Bible study, God Inspires the Work.

This week's study covers additional verses not included in the original study. The additional verses are Nehemiah 1:1-4 and Nehemiah 1:6-7.

Focus on the TARGET as you Teach:
God burdened Nehemiah for the condition of His people and the community, which moved him to take action. We should be as burdened for our own church and community and look for ways to take action.
Resources for Preparation and Teaching:
The series of questions below are provided for you to use to close out the session. Hopefully these straightforward, thought-provoking questions will lead your group to consider how they should apply this week's study:

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