Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Five Reasons Why I Would Use a Design-Build Firm

I was involved, a few years ago, in a rather large church construction project that required a long process of interviewing firms for the project. What I discovered in the process is that the design-build approach usually provides the best experience. Here are five reasons why I would use a design-build firm when building church facilities.
  1. Unified decisions: Since everyone is working together for the same firm, there isn't usually the conflict between the architectural designers and the builders.
  2. More functional designs: There are times when someone desires to design something that will make an artistic statement more than it will meet the functional needs of the church. Design-build firms tend to be focused on delivering a product that will be practical and functional in design.
  3. Accountability: From the beginning to the end of the process, one firm is accountable for delivering the project on time, correcting any issues that arise, and handling any disputes that may arise with sub-contractors and others involved in the project.
  4. Collaboration: A good design-build firm works with the church to deliver what the church needs. There is collaboration and involvement of the church leaders throughout the process.
  5. Cost savings: It has been said that design-build firms can save a church approximately 10% of the project costs.
One design-build firm that I have come to respect as I have observed their work with churches over the years is COSCO & Associates Inc. (COSCO). This Florida-based complete design-build firm and 4:12 Network Affiliate is solely dedicated to helping the local church. From feasibility studies and planning to fundraising and financing, architecture, engineering, and construction, COSCO is there every step of the journey. Here is a few of the reasons COSCO is so successful:
  • Since its inception in 1969 by Dewey Cosgrove, COSCO’s professional team has completed more than 1,000 projects. 
  • COSCO employs in-house architects, draftsmen, interior designers, and graphic designers to deliver what is promised.
  • COSCO has a construction division and on-site project managers at every project.
  • COSCO helps cast a vision by passionately working to grasp the unique DNA of a client’s church through extensive ministry, building, demographic and financial analysis. The company assists clients in determining an appropriate project scope and budget to set the institution on the right path to success.
  • Ultimately, COSCO creates accurate site plans, floor plans and photorealistic 3-D renderings with associated cost estimates.
COSCO prides itself in providing church communities with the right tools necessary to enhance and grow each individual ministry, while delivering the best value for their dollar and doing it all with a personal touch. 

Kyle Coon, vice president of operations for COSCO summarizes best what a reliable design-build firm can do when focused on the ministry of the church:
“We hold our clients' hands through the entire process. Our architectural, interior design, construction and financing teams work side-by-side on a daily basis to assure your church of a cost-conscious design that avoids costly change orders. 100 percent of our effort is dedicated to helping churches and religious facilities grow."
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