Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Explore the Bible: Commit Your Way to the Lord

This week's Explore the Bible study, Commit Your Way to the Lord, focuses on the oath the Israelites made to recommit their ways to the Lord. This oath follows a progression of transformation that, once began, had to continue. We will explore the contents of that oath and how it applies to us today.

The Israelites' road to renewal began with God bringing them back to the place of their covenant. It was followed with the Israelites rebuilding the physical and spiritual damage that had taken place because of their rebellion. This not only involved construction of the walls and the Temple, but included them embracing the Word of God once again. The reading of the Word of God led to repentance and confession. This leads them to now make an oath of recommitment.

Helps included for this study:
  • Powerpoint. It contains pictures of various oaths and a display for use when looking at Nehemiah 10:30-39. Click to preview the PowerPoint.
  • Emphasis on Nehemiah 13 for the conclusion. When you read Nehemiah 13 you will see how quickly the Israelites walked away from this grand oath they had made. But Nehemiah returned to call them into accountability. Sadly, we see this pattern in our lives as well. We make promises; then we drift away.  We all need pastors or trusted believers to call us into account when we begin to drift from our commitments.

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