Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Explore the Bible: God Is

The Lord is passionate regarding His holiness against all that is unholy; but He is a refuge for all who trust in Him. This is the target of our study this Sunday as we grow to understand more fully who God is and how He responds to people.

We are beginning a new quarter of study, focusing on seven of the twelve Minor Prophets. We begin our study by looking at the book of Nahum. Part of the teaching plan is dedicated to helping the group understand the context of the passages. I highly recommend you review the contextual information I have provided. Create a summary so you can avoid slipping into historical overload. You want to set the context; then move to the focus of the study as you help your group understand the character traits of God.

Videos for Teacher Preparation:
  • This video link provides an overview to help you understand the context of Nahum and the wrath of God: Click to watch.
  • The following video provides a great overview of the Minor Prophets. I suggest you use this personally and not for group time this week due to the amount of content.

Video for the Group Time:
I suggest you use the following video as a way to conclude the study so the group can understand the patience of God.


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