Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fast Five: Bible Study Group Training Resources

Today's FAST 5 features five Bible study group training resources. Each resource is written by one of the many members of the 4:12 Network.

Velcro Church - by Ken Hemphill and Mike James.
This resource deals with every aspect of assimilation from “Valuing Every Guest” to “Organizing for Ongoing Care."  Read More

Forward From Here - by Allan Taylor
Urgent Priorities for Today's Sunday School and Small Groups. Read More

Three Roles for Guiding Groups - by Ken Braddy and David Francis
This four-session resource helps those who lead Bible study to better understand and share what it means to be the teacher who "stands before," the shepherd who "sits among," and the leader who is responsible for carrying out the goals and purposes of the group. Read More

Follow: A Kingdom Person Resource - by Tony Hoffman
This guide explores the 6 dimensions of a Kingdom Person. The resource includes self evaluation tools for determining where a person is on the journey to follow Jesus. Read More

The Value of a Vibrant Sunday School - by Sean Keith
Five values that every small group or Sunday School class should have if it wants to have a vibrant ministry. Read More

FAST 5 is a weekly post featuring five 4:12 Network members, affiliates, resources, and/or other helpful information that you can reference while developing plans for your discipleship ministry.
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