Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Explore the Bible: The Promised Messiah

Just as God encouraged the Israelites through the prophet Zechariah, God also encourages believers today as we look forward to Jesus’ second coming. This is the message of our Explore the Bible study this week, The Promised Messiah. I am truly looking forward to seeing how God will use the message of Zechariah during this special time for the church as we celebrate Palm Sunday.

  • The passages we are looking at this week are rich in content, so you will need to manage your time carefully. 
  • Try to be as concise as possible with your historical content so you can focus on the TARGET of the study. 
  • There are two prophetic themes covered, so be careful not to get bogged down. The two themes are: (1) The restoration of Jerusalem; (2) The coming Messiah.
Visual Elements
I have provided a variety of elements from which to choose. Here is a summary and link to each one.
  • PowerPoint: Provides a photo for opening the discussion and some contextual information. Click to review and download.
  • Handout: The handout is taken from two of the PowerPoint slides. You could use this to quickly review the context of the passage so you can move quickly into the focus of study. Click to review and download.
Here is a sample of the handout:
  • Videos: The following video options could be used at various points in the session.
This video is secular in nature but provides a great way to help people think about the significance of Jerusalem then, now, and in the future. Can be used as you look at Zechariah 8:1-8.

This video could be used at the end of your study to emphasize Zechariah 9:9-12.


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