Tuesday, March 10, 2015

People Who Don't Know They Need Jesus

Throughout the United States new generations of people are no longer attending church as their parents and grandparents did. The number of people who don’t know Jesus is growing rapidly, resulting in a whole new reality - people who don't know they need Jesus.

In recent years the debates, research, books, and articles dissecting approaches to evangelism training have multiplied.
  • We have debated the mechanics of praying the sinner's prayer. 
  • We have minimized the public invitation to receive Christ.
  • We have avoided evangelism training because it is viewed as a "canned approach" or inauthentic.
While we have spent enormous amounts of time debating this, the lost world is waiting for us to just tell them about Christ!

While we should be very careful and discerning when talking with people about following Christ, we can't ignore the fact that we are commanded and expected to go. Therefore, church leaders still need to have an intentional approach for equipping believers with ways to initiate faith conversations with others.

Thom Rainer, states in a recent blog post, Fifteen Reasons Churches are Less Evangelistic Today:
Churches in our nation are much less evangelistic today than they were in the recent past. In my own denomination, we are reaching non-Christians only half as effectively as we were 50 years ago (we measure membership by annual baptisms). The trend is disturbing. We certainly see the pattern in the early church where “every day the Lord added to them those who were being saved” (Acts 2:47). In too many of our churches today, the congregations are reaching no one for Christ in the course of an entire year.
As churches begin to understand this reality they will quickly realize that perhaps we have become comfortable with a church culture that has distanced itself from the very essence of the Great Commission - "Go and make disciples . . ."  Could it be that, in the midst of our debates, we are simply reaping what we have (or have not) sown?

Dennis Pethers, of The Rooftop U.S. and member of the 4:12 Network is continually sharing with churches and organizations around the country this message. He states that:
Every day people pass by church buildings on their way to work, the shops, to visit family and friends, to play sports or enjoy a leisure activity…. As they do these things they never think of coming into our building to join in with what we are doing – even if the doors are open! They will only be reached as we live among them and share what we know of Jesus.

Dennis proposes we ask a different question:
‘How do we join in with the mission of Jesus and reach lost people beyond the walls of the church’? Seeking to answer this question opens the door to endless possibilities! This is at the heart of The Rooftop.’
I encourage you to check out The Rooftop, U.S. ministry. Contact John Whaley, National Pioneer for The Rooftop U.S. to learn more.